The Blog Hostess: What to Expect

The Blog Hostess is a WordPress web hosting company that was designed with bloggers and creative business owners in mind. We understand your creative mind and want to help you succeed. The Blog Hostess specializes in managing WordPress websites, so let us handle the technical stuff while you focus on blogging or running your business. View our Service Plans to get started!

Becoming a client is easy and I will take care of everything! Once you contact me to get started, I will make a back up of your site and move it over to one of my servers. Most sites will be up within a couple of hours (new sites will take up to 48 hours). From there, I will be your contact and resource for any questions you have about blogging, hosting, plugins, WordPress…you name it! I will even log in to make the necessary changes on your behalf.

Whether you are a blogger or a business owner, The Blog Hostess is just what you have been looking for. Our primary focus will be on hosting and website management, but we also offer additional marketing services. Take a look at our Portfolio to view some of our existing marketing clients.


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